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Delivering better efficiency and data management, the new 38-Link adaptor is a straightforward, easy upgrade for 38DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gages that provides full connectivity without having to purchase a new instrument. The adaptor enables wireless communication with the Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC), compatible applications or a PC.  This improved connectivity reduces the risk of human errors in data processing, both in maintenance inspections in the field and testing of new products on the factory floor.The thickness gauge is suitable for almost any ultrasonic thickness application. This versatile instrument can be used in applications ranging from wall thinning measurements of corroded pipes to precise thickness measurements of thin or multilayer materials.
In-service inspections of, for example, pipelines, wind turbines, ships and turbines happen in places where it is often difficult to connect a thickness gage to a computer using a cable. By using the 38-Link, inspectors can quickly send thickness data to the Olympus app or third-party apps on their smartphones or tablets; data can also be sent directly to the OSC. The adaptor easily connects to the gage’s protective rubber boot, creating a convenient, portable solution. In manufacturing of high-precision components, ultrasonic thickness gaging provides a highly accurate alternative to destructive methods. The WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity of the adaptor improve traceability and provide powerful workflow management tools. Users can organize and monitor the entire thickness gaging workflow and see completion status. Inspection files can be created in the office and then wirelessly pushed thickness gages, shortening setup time.

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