Precitec acquires majority stake in Enovasense

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Precitec has acquired a majority stake in the French start-up Enovasense, which has the technology to measure the thickness of all types of coatings on any substrate. The remaining shares are held by the two founders Jean Inard-Charvin and Geoffrey Bruno. The closing took place on November 30, 2022. Enovasense's laser device enables fast, non-contact and non-destructive measurement on any type of coating - without damaging the measured material. So far, the laser-based technology has been sold mainly in France, but also to other countries through distributors. Enovasense's sensors will expand the range of applications for Precitec's customers, as they are able to accurately measure the thickness of opaque layers or coatings as well as nanometer-thin layers. The expanded portfolio is expected to further strengthen Precitec's position in markets such as semiconductors, consumer electronics and electromobility, and offers Enovasense enormous new growth opportunities. Dr. Thilo Wersborg, CEO of Precitec Group, said, "With the majority stake in Enovasense, we have acquired a young, dynamic team with a promising technology and a proven track record in the French market. Enovasense's products perfectly complement our high-quality portfolio in the field of monitoring and 3D metrology. In addition, both Enovasense's customers and our customers can benefit from our worldwide sales and service network." Jean Inard-Charvin, co-founder and president of Enovasense, sees not only the financial side of the deal, but more importantly the distribution power of the Precitec Group: "Enovasense and Precitec share the conviction that the added value we offer our customers is based on cutting-edge technology. This shared DNA and Precitec's network will enable Enovasense to offer this added value to more customers." Geoffrey Bruno, co-founder and general manager of Enovasense, adds that "integration with a large and prestigious group such as Precitec will allow Enovasense to offer its customers a global presence and service."

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