X-ray fluorescence measurement systems with more power

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Helmut Fischer has further developed its Fischerscope X-Ray XDV instruments. Not only have they been given a new design, but they have also received a significant performance boost. Fischerscope X-Ray XDV-SDD, Fischerscope X-Ray XDV-µ and Fischerscope X-Ray XDV-µ LD are the most powerful XRF analyzers in the portfolio of the Sindelfingen-based measurement technology specialist. They are now equipped with the new DPP+ digital pulse processor as standard. According to the supplier, the latest-generation processor provides count rates at a new level of performance, improving the overall performance of the XRF instruments by up to 50%. The polycapillary optics, produced in-house by Fischer, allow for tiny measurement spots with short measurement times at high intensity, especially when measuring the smallest components and microstructures. This results in the highest count rates and optimized spot size, according to the manufacturer. For users in a wide range of industries, polycapillaries are said to unlock significant advantages in terms of measurement precision and measurement time. In addition to the technical advancement of the XRF spectrometers, the XDV series offers easy operation via joystick and intuitive control buttons directly on the instrument. Equipped with the most versatile software on the market, the instrument series is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.


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