Pressure Monitoring in Metering and Gluing Systems

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Interrupted metering beads, material accumulations and pulled threads - operators of metering systems can sing a song of these process errors. The newly developed DMP 339P pressure transmitter from BD Sensors, which does not require components containing silicone, is intended to improve the situation. The device is aimed at systems in dispensing and bonding technology and ensures reliable measurement of the working pressure during material dispensing and conveying - for example, when applying sealants, solder pastes, lacquers or potting material. In order to be able to carry out the necessary cleaning cycles and to prevent material deposits in possible dead spaces, it is particularly important that the measuring technology can be connected flush with the system. If the material used hardens at the pressure connection, this leads to falsified measurement results or, in the worst case, to a system standstill. The flush welded pressure connection DMP 339P, which is available in two G ¼" versions, is intended to provide a remedy. The version with an O-ring on the front is intended to ensure the highest possible sealing against the material to be processed. Silicone-containing materials are completely dispensed with for the device's internal pressure transmission to ensure unrestricted use in painting systems and lines. The sensor detects pressures from 25 to 600 bar, is designed for media temperatures up to 125 °C and is available with various analog output signals. An accuracy of 0.5 % FSO coupled with good long-term stability is said to ensure reliable pressure detection.

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