New automatic injector - compact with high shifting performance

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Krautzberger presents its Mikro XS automatic sprayer. It is designed to provide maximum switching performance and a perfect spray pattern. According to the supplier, three factors are primarily responsible for this: firstly, the new type of pre- and after-air control, which is decoupled from the needle control; secondly, the reduced needle diameter of just 2 mm, which leads to a mass reduction of 60% - and thirdly, the high air output. According to the supplier, a 60 % higher air output is possible, so that even highly viscous media can be atomized. Thanks to a quick-change head part including seal packing, Mikro XS allows quick maintenance and offers a high degree of user-friendliness. Mounting is via a dovetail guide, allowing accurate and reproducible positioning. The unit is equipped with the Xline nozzle system; according to the supplier, each nozzle is 100% tested for function and spray pattern during the production process. Thus, Mikro XS promises high precision and reproducibility in fully automated spraying processes. According to the manufacturer, further advantages include long service life, an extremely compact design and low weight. Without retaining pins, the device measures just 87.3×19.8×46.6 mm (length×width×height) and weighs approximately 160 g. The maximum switching frequency - depending on the solenoid valve and the length of the control line - is up to 30 Hz.

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