Sata UK with New Warehouse and Test Center

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At the beginning of this year, Sata UK Ltd. moved to a new building, which not only offers much more space, but is also located in the same business park of the previous headquarter. In order to counteract the adverse effects of the UK's exit from the European Union and to ensure the handling of goods deliveries to its dealers, the move to much larger premises finally resulted. Previously, all orders from dealers were handled by Sata in Kornwestheim, Germany, and delivered individually. As part of the expansion, a switch was made to stocking and shipping products within the UK. This means that any dealer order received before midday can normally be delivered the next day at the latest. Dealers in the vicinity also have the option of picking up their goods on the same day.In addition to a meeting room, the new premises include the so-called "TechFair". There, visitors can take a look at the entire product range and, in many cases, even see it in action. Each product group is presented in its own exhibition area. Part of the area is connected to the compressed air network, so that there, for example, ventilated breathing systems with all accessories such as the air warmer or the air cooler can be tried out. A work table for the practical implementation of various training modules on different topics, including gun repair and service, is also available.

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