New spray gun for UV coatings

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The new spray gun model W-300WB UV complements the already existing series W-300WB from Anest Iwata with a special variant for the application of UV lacquers. This gun is supplied with a black 200 ml UV-opaque flow cup and a black UV-opaque air cap protector. This prevents curing of the remaining UV coating, for example on the nozzle or air cap, while the spray gun is not in use. This makes use and cleaning as easy as possible. The spray gun works with pre-atomizer technology. According to the manufacturer, this guarantees perfect surfaces and extremely low material consumption. Due to the soft spray pattern, transitions are hardly visible. The application can be controlled very well. Despite a low air requirement of only 190 Nl/min, the UV spray gun delivers very fine atomisation with an even wet core. It is used with a 1.2 nozzle and a maximum pressure of 1.5 bar.

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