New spray gun combines function and design

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The atomization technology of the SataJet X 5500 spray gun in the nozzle sizes 1.2-1.4 for HVLP and 1.2-1.3 for RP in both I and O versions is now also available for the successor gun of the Phaser model. According to the manufacturer, the SataJet X 5500 Phaser combines an extraordinary design with a practical function for everyday work in the paint shop. Depending on the material used, working habits or climatic conditions, the painter can choose between controlled or fast application in HVLP and RP technology. Thanks to the new paint and air nozzles and the optimised air distribution in the gun body, the air distributor ring can be dispensed with. In addition, the volume of this nozzle was noticeably reduced during application, giving the painter a softer, more pleasant feeling when painting.

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