Faster spraying with new spray nozzle technology

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Less pressure and spray mist, less weight, less material input - but a plus in speed and precision - these are the advantages of Wagner's new High Efficiency Airless Technology (HEA) according to the manufacturer. HEA combines the advantages of various spraying techniques. With the newly developed HEA nozzles, spraying can be carried out with considerably less pressure, which reduces the spray mist by around 55 percent. In addition, the sprayer is easier to handle than a traditional airless sprayer and fatigue occurs much later. According to Wagner, the new generation of sprayers offers an even better and fuller spray pattern than any airless technology, which has been the highest standard on the market to date. The devices with HEA technology are therefore ideal aids for painting work in new buildings, for maintenance and renovation work and for corrosion protection of balustrades and steel girders.

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