Durable and lightweight high performance paint spray gun

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The new 3M high-performance paint spray gun is made of a high-quality, impact-resistant composite material and is one of the lightest paint spray guns in the industry. At the same time, it is robust enough for tough industrial working conditions. The spray gun can be used with either a pressure or flow cup. The pressure hose and nozzles ensure continuous application - even for extensive work. In addition, the gun can be used for spot touch-ups with the 3M PPS 2.0 paint processing system. Due to the exchangeable quick-change nozzles, paints do not run through the entire housing of the paint spray gun. This makes cleaning particularly easy: only the tip of the paint needle needs to be wiped off and the nozzle head replaced. The gun's simple and intuitive design means there are fewer parts to maintain or replace overall. It also allows for a more consistent paint application. The 3M High Performance Nozzle Head is available in sizes from 1.1 to 2.0, allowing for easy application of a variety of coatings - from paints and fillers to primers or even adhesives.


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