Application specific spray guns

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Graco's new aerospace gun models feature a special air cap, highly wear-resistant electrode and precision nozzle to achieve a finer, more uniform spray pattern with uniformly sized particles. The guns are ideal for high solids materials and abrasive coatings applied at very high paint flow rates. The new models with fixed material flow rates are also designed for the application of abrasive materials and feature more durable electrodes and nozzles, extending the life of the applicator. The new HVLP guns are supplied with an HVLP air cap as standard and are mainly used where environmental standards must be met and HVLP marking is required. If demanded, the guns can be used without electrostatics and still meet HVLP requirements. A new externally rechargeable Pro-Xp-WBx waterborne paint gun reduces material and environmental costs without the cost and limitations of an electrostatic insulation system. Water-based materials remain grounded in the gun and are charged at the spray gun nozzle using a probe. Benefits of these guns include lower equipment costs, improved application efficiency and more complete coverage with less overspray. Many of the existing Pro-Xp range components are now even more durable.


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