Boreto and ASIS grow together

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Boreto Industrial Solutions has recently become a sister company of the system provider for automated systems in surface technology ASIS (Automation Systems & Intelligent Solutions). Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Boreto specializes in control technology and offers software, visualization, E-Plan, control cabinet construction and competent service from a single source. Business relations with ASIS have existed since 2014 and numerous projects for the automotive and general industry have already been successfully implemented. With a participation of ASIS, a new milestone of cooperation has now been set. Boreto continues to act independently and is to be developed further in the first place. "A great way to confirm our already eight year old cooperation", Hans-Jürgen Multhammer and Tobias Eid, management ASIS GmbH, agree. "Together we will grow successfully, strengthen our market position and open up new markets." The promising market of the Balkan countries and the company's own good connections to the University of Zagreb create the best conditions for this in the eyes of the managing directors. Moreover, additional capacity is now available for demanding projects of ASIS. "The now completed closing of ranks is a sign of our solidarity," say Željko Prgomet and Toni Družin, Boreto management. "We are looking forward to our common future and exciting projects."

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