Kansai Helios Completes Takeover of Weilburger Coatings

Kansai Helios has completed the acquisition of Weilburger Coatings, the industrial coatings business of Grebe Holding in Weilburg (Germany) announced in February 2024. The acquired company consists of group companies in Germany, Italy, France, Turkiye, USA, Brazil, India and China and looks back on more than 120 years of tradition. It is active in the fields of non-stick coatings, high-temperature coatings, railway coatings and specialty coatings and is known for brands such as Greblon, Senorail and Senotherm.

The consolidation is intended to strongly strengthen Kansai Helios’ market position in a broad range of industrial coatings segments and promote an expansive international presence. By strategically pooling resources and expertise, the company aims not only to further extend its competitive edge, but also to deepen its connections to global markets.

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