Kansai Helios acquires Weilburger

Kansai Helios has signed the purchase agreement for the industrial coatings business of Weilburger, a company specializing in industrial paints and coatings. The Weilburger Graphics business is not part of this acquisition. The signatories regard the transaction as a landmark milestone in their development. New access to resources, expertise and customer groups should enable forward-looking concepts. The two companies expect this to strengthen both their market position in Central Europe and their technology and product range - for example powder coatings or e-coats - under the global umbrella of the Kansai Paint Group.

“The future affiliation with the Kansai Helios Group is a perfect strategic fit for the Weilburg companies. With a long and successful growth history of more than 120 years and a high reputation as an innovative and trusted supplier of coatings around the globe, this decision offers excellent synergy effects while maintaining our identity”, confirms Frank Gläser, CEO of Grebe Holding. “Joining forces with a large group of companies will accelerate our growth targets and offer our customers even greater added value. ”

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