BASF Increases Defoamer Capacity in Turkey

BASF, the internationally renowned supplier of additives for the coatings industry, has announced the expansion of defoamer capacity at its Dilovasi plant in Turkey. The new production line will increase the company’s local capacity, allowing a better response to rising demand for its Foamaster and Foamstar products in South-East Europe, the Middle East and Africa. By increasing its production capacity significantly, the company aims to improve service to customers in the region and reduce lead times to ensure faster delivery.

The new production line also helps the manufacturer to cut emissions related to transportation of the products by significantly reducing distances. The plant in Turkey plays an important role in the company’s additives business, serving as a key supply point for Dispex AA products, including defoamers.

The recent expansion of the polyacrylate-dispersing-agent line and the now enlarged defoamer capacity further strengthen the role of the plant’s role in the additives business of the Baden-based manufacturer. As Joachim Burger, Head of Sales Additives EMEA, explains, the additional capacity in Dilovasi will enable the company to support the growth plans of its customers in the region and improve its service level. Defoamers are essential in the production of paints, coatings, and inks since they prevent not only foaming but also, as a result, defect formation. According to the manufacturer, Foamaster and Foamstar products are known for their high performance in defoaming applications.

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