Wastewater treatment with access to Industry 4.0

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H2O GmbH offers wastewater treatment with access to Industry 4.0. The Vacudest system with the new Smart Service Cockpits is designed to enable a new quality of process monitoring for wastewater treatment directly on the machine control. According to the manufacturer, the networked Smart Service Cockpits not only provide users with an overview of the performance of their water treatment; thanks to permanent condition monitoring and continuous optimization suggestions, long-term high system availability with maximum machine efficiency and less downtime can be achieved through predictive maintenance. The result, according to the supplier, is greater process reliability, lower operating costs and less stress. Vacuum distillation systems use the principle of physical substance separation according to boiling point differences. This means that active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), pharmaceuticals, hormones, trace substances, pesticide wastewater, native oils and emulsifiers, refractory COD, PFAS, non-polar organic substances and much more remain in the evaporation residue. They are safely separated thanks to special technologies from H2O, such as the Clearcat condensation stage - according to the supplier. Thus, in one treatment step, up to 98% recyclable water is produced from 100% wastewater, which can be used for rinsing production equipment, for example, and only 2% residue. These savings mean that the investment in a vacuum distillation system usually pays for itself in less than 2 years.


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