H2O China Has a New Managing Director

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H2O China has a new managing director: Marcel Pfeifer takes over from Roland Lochner, who passed away in the summer after a serious illness, much to the regret of the company. Marcel Pfeifer has been working at H2O since March 2014, initially for five years at the headquarters in Steinen (Germany), before moving to the Chinese branch in Kunshan in 2019 to build up the Asian service network. Pfeifer wants to further improve team performance step by step, advance market development in China and expand production so that a higher proportion of deliveries can be manufactured directly locally. The Chinese subsidiary H2O Kunshan Water Treatment started in June 2015 with only two employees. Today, the team has grown to eleven professionals and there are plans for many more. Together, they look after around 100 customer installations of all machine sizes.

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