New cleaning system for defined cleanliness

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At parts2clean, Dr. Escherich presents the ION Twist, a newly developed cleaning system for small parts. So far it is not possible to provide bulk materials such as screws, sealing rings, plugs, covers, sleeves, various injection moulded plastic components in a defined cleanliness and to feed them to the further processing process. A separation of electrostatically adhering particles and components is, however, necessary in many applications for a high quality of the end product. The company has taken on this task and developed a compact system (700 mm × 320 mm × 300 mm). With this solution, small parts from granulate grain up to a component size of 2.5 cm can be cleaned of particulate impurities. The component batch is fed to the systems via a hopper. During the cleaning process, the parts pass through several chambers in which they are whirled up. An ionizing bar, which is located on the long side of the outlet used on the floor, generates ions which break down the existing charge nests when they come into contact with the parts.


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