Grinding tool for automated finishing

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With the Sander grinding tool, OnRobot is expanding its portfolio with an intuitive solution for surface finishing. With it, users can automate complex grinding and polishing processes even without prior knowledge. In this way, companies relieve their employees of grinding work that is harmful to their health. The tool is easy to operate, quickly ready for use and can be combined with collaborative light-weight robots from all market manufacturers. The 3M sanding discs supplied with the tool provide additional protection for employees by absorbing a high proportion of the fine dust produced. Designed as a lightweight solution, the sander weighs only 1.2 kg including the pad. It is powered by a powerful, brushless electric motor (up to 10,000 min -1). Unlike pneumatically operated sanding systems, the Sander does not require external air compressors, reducing operating costs by 95% compared to pneumatic sanding systems. The tool precisely follows flat, curved or uneven surfaces. It comes with interchangeable sanding and polishing pads that allow it to adapt to irregularities in the workpiece surface. Its high precision enhances the quality of finishing processes and helps reduce scrap rates. In addition to the pads and sensor, a Grit Changer is supplied, which enables the grinding attachments to be changed automatically. The tool functions according to the plug-and-play principle and should be ready for use in the shortest possible time. Thanks to intuitive software, it can be easily programmed for different applications.

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