Effortless grinding and roughing

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According to supplier Osborn, the newly designed Grind Maxx grinding disc with integrated high-performance abrasive cloth handles all roughing and grinding tasks with ease and efficiency. The tool can be used to achieve aggressive, ultra-fast material removal, according to the manufacturer. It is said to unlock advantages in terms of stock removal rates, stock removal rates and tool life, as well as combine maximum grinding performance with precision and working comfort. According to the supplier, the high stock removal rates that can be achieved with the grinding wheel are due to the use of a geometrically aligned, ceramic abrasive grain of the latest generation. This wears evenly, remains constantly sharp over the entire service life of the disc and enables cool grinding. The abrasive cloth is directly connected to the grinding disc. The combination of these two elements leads to effective performance and also ensures a particularly pleasant, low-vibration sanding experience, which is also ideal for extremely precise work. A backing pad is not required, according to Osborn. Unlike rough grinding wheels, it grinds at a flat angle of attack of 5° to max. 15°. The Grind Maxx high-performance grinding pad is available in diameters of 115 and 125 mm. Common applications are: Removal of weld seams, chamfering, grinding of surfaces, removal of scale as well as demanding deburring work.


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