Exact dressing of grinding wheels on the machine

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With path-controlled dressing rolls, complex contours can be dressed as well as simple cylindrical grinding wheels of different widths. The Norton Winter-Diamond Dressing System (DDS) from Saint-Gobain Abrasives enables CNC-controlled dressing of different grinding wheels directly on the production machine in a single work step. The further developments DDSplus and DDScut now ensure even better performance and profile accuracy of the dressing system. DDSplus combines precisely positioned CVD rods with a metal bond for improved dressing life to activate the self-sharpening properties of grinding wheels. This makes it ideal for dressing SiC or sol-gel grinding wheels. The DDScut form roller achieves a greater effective roughness depth of the grinding wheel with otherwise constant dressing parameters, resulting in reduced grinding forces later in use. www.saint-gobain-abrasives.com


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