Efficient parts cleaning in a small footprint

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More and more users are looking for small, fully automatic cleaning systems for their production that can be used specifically for a product series and achieve high cleaning qualities. The plant manufacturer Höckh Metall-Reinigungsanlagen takes this wish into account with the Multicleans standard series. The Multiclean-A(qua)-Standard offers a two-stage aqueous cleaning process and, in the simplest case, is designed as a spray cleaning system with hot air drying. If required, this basis can be extended to flood cleaning with ultrasound and final vacuum drying. In this way, the compact system for the basket size 600×400×300 mm can be individually adapted to the requirements. Optionally, a third tank can be retrofitted in conjunction with a deionised water module to meet increasing cleanliness requirements. The Multiclean S(olvent) standard, on the other hand, is based on the proven full-vacuum concept and can be operated with various solvents. Here, too, the basic system with basket dimensions of 530×320×200 mm can be individually configured, for example with ultrasound, preservation tank, ultra-fine filtration, waste oil discharge or an automatic loading device. This offers an effective separation of the dirty and clean sides, so that cleaned product carriers can no longer be re-contaminated by the roller conveyor. Depending on the cleaning task, the system can be configured with up to three media tanks.


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