Durable workpiece guides optimise industrial grinding

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In terms of productivity and stability of industrial grinding processes, it is not only grinding tools that have to deliver top performance. Wear part components that support, hold or fix the workpieces are also subject to high friction. Overheating and the associated susceptibility to wear are limiting factors in terms of machining speed, contact pressure and tool life. In the stressed zones, the workpiece guides are usually made of carbide to withstand the high stress. Norton Winter is optimising its product range and additionally reinforcing these carbide wear parts in the stressed areas with up to 1.5 mm thick polycrystalline diamond (PCD). Due to the physical material properties of diamond, the PCD segments are extremely hard, have a coefficient of friction that is only a quarter to half as high as that of carbide and are enormously wear-resistant. This means that the tools from the Diamond-Wear-Parts series provide an improved and more stable grinding process and last significantly longer. In this way, the PCD-tipped tool sets and workpiece guides maximise output and reduce the effort involved in reworking. In most cases, these are individually customised wear parts for centreless plunge grinding (PCD-reinforced support rails and steady rests) or for cylindrical grinding (PCD-reinforced centre points).


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