Dried sludge dust-free filling

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While industrial sludges are often dried directly in the transport container for individually designed projects, other applications raise the question of how the sludge can be ideally emptied after drying and prepared for transport. For this purpose the drying plant manufacturer Harter now offers a new overall concept in which the drying container is installed under the chamber filter press. After pressing, the sludge is emptied into the container below. For this purpose the corresponding lid opens and closes. The sludge is then brought to a dry matter content of 80 to 90 % in the air-closed system. Depending on the type of sludge, weight and volume are reduced by up to 60 %. For the drying process, the Drymex dehumidification module is required, which provides the necessary process air. The dry sludge is then transported to the filling station via a screw conveyor and the Big Bag is filled there. The whole process is fully automatic and provides a dust-free and therefore completely clean solution.


Autor(en): Harter

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