Digitally modelled grinding disks

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3M has developed a new precision-structured ceramic CBN grinding disk (type IPVP). The three-dimensionally printed structures are created by the adaptive structure of thin layers. This type of production enables grinding tools to be produced layer by layer according to a specified design. 3D printing enables tool designs that are not possible with the usual mechanical processes. Unique shapes and structures, slots in all variations and integrated cooling lubricant holes are possible by means of such a 3D technology. For the user, this offers the possibility of having tailor-made grinding tools manufactured and thus precisely tailoring the grinding process to his specific requirements. For example, a slotted precision-structured ceramic CBN disc 1PVP achieves a performance increase of up to 40 percent compared to a slotted disc. For the same removal, the disk from the 3D printer requires a much lower grinding force. The custom-made grinding disks help to achieve longer dressing intervals. They thus extend the service life and reduce the cycle times. This in turn minimizes unit costs.

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