Digital Integration of Double Diaphragm Pumps in Paint Supply Systems

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Industry 4.0, individual coatings, flexibility, increased plant availability, the use of Big Data, reduced paint and flushing agent losses and lower operating costs are just some of the demands placed on current and future paint supply systems. These demands require a further development of the pumps used to supply paint. Timmer has now developed a new generation of pneumatic high-pressure double diaphragm pumps for paint supply systems. The development of the TimBoost series was aimed at providing a compact pump for future generations of paint supply systems. Particular attention was paid to increasing plant availability. The new pump series therefore has an above-average service life even under extreme operating conditions and offers the highest level of dry running protection. Productivity is also improved by the simple and intuitive integration of the pump, reliable starting and minimum pulsation. The low-wear pneumatic ceramic valve was taken over from the previous pump generation. A special "rest position" guarantees secure pump starting. Fast and smooth paint changes are made possible by the spring-loaded media valves and a high pump frequency that is not limited. The pump geometry has been adapted in order to reduce the consumption of paint and flushing agent. The stroke counting option (ATEX-compliant) enables digital integration of the pumps into the complete system. This allows the paint supply pump to be connected to the process data cloud. System-relevant data such as the pumping quantity, pump frequency, dry running and process changes can be indirectly determined, centrally evaluated and, if necessary, adapted. Furthermore, process -dependent, individual preventive maintenance cycles can be defined and planned. This flexible hardware ensures that the painting process can be continuously improved on-the-fly. The new pump series is a solution for complex paint circulation systems as well as piggable and cartridge systems. The pumps are fitted with a QR code that makes further data digitally available online in addition to the documentation provided.

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