Coupling systems for solvents and coatings

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Schwer Fittings, a specialist in stainless steel pipe connection technology, has further developed its range of quick-release couplings. In addition to standard couplings, the product portfolio now also includes quick-release couplings for special applications. Special attention was paid to the development of coupling systems for the transfer of paints and solvents. In the area of low-pressure couplings (up to 35 bar), which were previously only available in the nominal sizes DN 5, DN 7.4 and DN 10, the product portfolio has also been significantly expanded. The most important innovation is the addition of a flat-sealing and thus low-leakage variant. While the standard version loses a small but nevertheless measurable amount of medium with every decoupling process for design reasons, the new low-pressure quick-release coupling is characterised by an almost leak-free decoupling process. This is an enormous advantage, especially in applications with liquid or critical media. In existing systems, the flat-sealing variant can be retrofitted without having to replace the entire coupling system. To make it easier to distinguish between several low-pressure couplings installed next to each other, the plug and coupling each have a coloured marking made of a UV-curing composite ceramic embedded in the material. The colour marking process, originally developed for medical technology, is characterised by its high resistance to a wide range of media and external influences such as temperature loads.


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