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Every year, the designers in BASF's Coatings division sound out future trends and use them as a basis for developing new surfaces, structures and color shades. They draw inspiration from a variety of sources, such as industry, fashion, consumer goods, nature and technology. These research findings are shared with automotive designers to help shape the future of mass production. The color collection for 2022-2023 is called "New Array" and includes innovative shades with a strong focus on sustainability and functionality. At the same time, it introduces new and exciting color spaces.  The color mood of moderate hues and shades sets softly designed effects to serve every color space. On the other hand, brand new and bold colors show their outstanding character in concept and effect. The focus is on purple and plum tones, pastel apricot shades and yellow tones, which form a new, almost non-automotive color palette. Darker colors reveal characteristic depth and colorful complexity through surprising effects that become visible when exposed to light. Beiges offer a wide variety, combining elegant and muted color positions with exciting color shifts and matte finishes. The title of the collection refers to the process of thoughtfully establishing new values in response to ever-changing demands. This process of change can be likened to a ride on an escalator - that is, a transitional state - belonging neither to the previous nor the next level, where one moves in a confined space between the two levels. The colors of the collection immerse us in this space, to focus our gaze on the future of mobility.

EMEA - The gates of opportunity are open

The colors of Europe, the Middle East and Africa feature great colorfulness with spectacular new pigments that enable attractive and intense new shades. The darker shades are subtle and appear smooth. Neutral shades play with a virtual look by adding subtle color information. Effects support the idea and visual impact. The Minted Gold key shade is a strong, shiny metallic gold. The bright yellow key color for Europe, Gravatar, is particularly innovative - a true earth tone. It contains fine natural earth and is based on a light ivory.

Asia-Pacific - In a transitional space

In a transitional space, Asia-Pacific shades give us comfort, happiness, esprit, as well as solutions that reflect human individuality, which is becoming increasingly important. They show people how to be mindful and alive with their own experiences. "The colors of Asia Pacific outline a positive and realistic future. They describe our own history and allow us to live out our colorful identity away from social pressures," says Chiharu Matsuhara, head of automotive design, Asia Pacific. The key color shade Efflorescene is a pearl-like ivory and looks like a fresh new flower with a positive and exciting effect. The shade is produced in an environmentally friendly way and conveys an emotional feel, leading to a new narrative in terms of sustainability and identity.

America - Visions of Progress

Society is grappling with what direction it wants to take, whether it wants to move into a radically different aesthetic. The color spectrum nevertheless plays with sophisticated visuals and convincing effects. American colors exude visions of progress through depth, texture and compatibility. Natural and simplified expressions inspire both individuals and communities to embrace transitional spaces. Key Carbon Lava is a new intense and multi-layered hue in the black color space. It is based on a deep charcoal gray with a luminous redness in the deep effects. 

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