Research project: Zinc flake coating with micro- and nanoparticles

A new type of zinc flake coating with embedded micro- and nanoparticles is currently being investigated by the German University Südwestfalen Iserlohn together with Chemische Fabrik Wocklum, Hillebrand Chemicals and DOK Chemie. The project partners expect an improvement of the layer properties and a better environmental compatibility. The zinc flake coating is an excellent corrosion protection which has been used for years preferably for connecting elements and other components in automotive construction, but also in wind power plants, in the construction industry, in electronic plant construction or in trucks. Tinyest micro- and nanoparticles should now ensure that a better hardening of the surface is achieved, the corrosion protection thus becomes more durable and lasts longer under mechanical stress. Another advantage is the self-healing of the coating. The addition of micro- and nanoparticles releases a substance that is capable of restoring corrosion protection in the event of damage. In addition to the development of a new zinc flake coating, the project partners are also looking at the entire industrial process chain. These include a nanoceramic pretreatment of the products matched to the new zinc flake formulation, an associated measurement methodology and a rapid corrosion test, as well as the development of the coating process using selected customer components as an example. The research project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWI) with around 200,000 euros.

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