Fast-curing primer enables reliable planning

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With the new corrosion protection primer Colusal Speed Primer from MC-Bauchemie, planners and clients can plan their coating measures reliably and implement them quickly and safely, largely independent of the influence of humidity and temperature. The primer is suitable for all steel structures indoors or outdoors and is based on Kinetic Boost Technology. The primer cures very quickly even under adverse weather conditions such as humidity and temperatures of 2 to 35 °C, is rainproof after about 30 minutes and can be overcoated after about 2 hours. It is applied immediately after substrate preparation by roller, brush or airless spray. The subsequent sealing is done in two coats with, for example, the high-performance coating MC-DUR Top Speed. This combination has been tested as a corrosion protection system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944-6 and offers users and customers a high level of safety from priming to sealing. In the process, the corrosion protection system meets the requirements for the highest stress classes C4, C5 and C5-I as well as the immersion categories lm2 (salt or brackish water without cathodic corrosion protection) and lm3 (tanks, steel sheet piles and steel pipes in the ground).

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