Peak prices on the commodity market

On the world market, the prices of epoxy resins have increased by up to 60 %in recent weeks. This is due to supply bottlenecks, increased demand and a worldwide shortage of containers, combined with a sharp rise in transport costs. Epoxy resin is an important binder for many paints and varnishes. Raw material prices are crucial for the paint and coatings industry as they account for more than half of production costs. As a survey of its members by the Association of the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry shows, the current price trend is having a lasting impact on the business results of some 250 companies. Price increases can also be observed for polyester raw materials and titanium dioxide. The situation with some solvents is also problematic: Due to plant breakdowns and simultaneously increased demand, there have been price jumps of up to 100 % with very limited availability. There are also supply problems with isocyanates due to increased demand in the automotive market.

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