Universally Applicable Matting Agents

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Evonik's Coating Additives Business Line is expanding its Acematt product line with three matting agents based on precipitated silica: the fine-particle products Acematt OK 390 and Acematt HK 390, as well as the particularly versatile silica Acematt HK 520. According to the specialty chemicals group, the three new silicas are characterized by a combination of efficient, ultra-deep matting, high transparency, and an extremely fine surface feel. All three matting agents can be used universally in water- and solvent-based systems, as well as in pigmented and clear formulations. Due to their outstanding transparency properties, they are intended to provide a deep matte surface without a milky white haze, especially in clear coatings. The main applications are coatings for plastics, for example on laptops or smartphones, and wood coatings, for example on parquet, tables or kitchen worktops. One advantage of untreated silicas such as Acematt HK 390 and Acematt HK 520 over waxed silica is their better orientation in water-based systems. This prevents uneven distribution of particles in some plastic coatings, providing a smooth, deep matte surface. In turn, post-treatment of precipitated silica - as in the new Acematt OK 390 - means that the product does not settle during storage and is therefore more stable in the coating. According to the supplier, the three new silicas show little influence on the viscosity of the formulation and have excellent dispersion behavior.

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