Technical cleanliness - VDA rules implemented for test facilities

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Glass offers more safety and comfort at the workplace with the new CleanTec test systems for testing components for technical cleanliness. The systems fully comply with the recommendations of the VDA 19 regulations. According to the company, both the mobile ACM series and the stationary RiuS series, with which components up to 500 kilograms can be tested, offer absolute protection at the workplace and an even higher degree of reliability. In this way, an explosive atmosphere is avoided from the outset. Powerful extraction systems ensure that any aerosols produced are removed immediately. This means that the user does not run the risk of inhaling toxic gases. In addition, possible ignition sources have been eliminated, for example by using only LED technology. The improved light sources have the advantage that the working area is better visible from the ergonomically optimised extraction station. The temperature of the test medium in the tank and the ultrasonic bath are constantly monitored. In the event of overheating, the system would switch itself off automatically. The filter drying process is controlled. The earthing of all materials used also contributes to greater safety. Information on maintenance intervals increases ease of operation. For example, there are visual indications if there is too little flushing medium in the tank or if a filter change is necessary. Depending on the requirements, aqueous cleaners can now also be used. A new system control was installed which is operated intuitively via a touch panel. The user interface is practically self-explanatory, just like on a smartphone.

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