Subscription payment program for ink formulation and color management software

Datacolor, a global provider of color management solutions, announced the launch of an annual subscription program, available immediately for the Datacolor Match Textile and Match Pigment color formulation software products and Datacolor Tools color management software. The annual subscription offers customers in the textile, paint and coatings and plastics industries a cost-effective alternative to using the same software available as a one-time perpetual license - reducing the initial investment required. The offer includes access to the vendor's latest digital color management software, as well as software updates and access to Datacolor customer support. In this way, Datacolor aims to help more customers digitize and optimize their color workflow. Users who take advantage of the annual subscription program can expect to benefit from all future software enhancements and receive support for new operating systems. Datacolor has software, instruments and services in its portfolio to ensure the color accuracy of materials, products and images. The company provides sales, service and support in more than 100 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Industries served include textiles and apparel, paints and coatings, automotive and plastics, as well as photography, design and videography.

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