Spray-mix gun for high-pressure coatings

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Sata has added the Satajet 4800-K spray-mix gun to its range of high-pressure coating systems. The new gun is based on the nozzle system of the Satajet 3000-K spray-mix model. The gun is ideal for trade and industrial use, including painting carpentry products, applying large-scale industrial coatings and applying corrosion protection coatings and primers in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. With its variable settings and air-assisted spray-mix technology, the new system combines the surface coverage of an airless gun and the key characteristics of an air-atomising gun. The air flow can be controlled by an air flow micrometer and, combined with the round/flat spray control function, this ensures a high-quality finish together with the ability to coat a large surface area. The material swivel joint, which has a ball bearing, the short trigger pull, the low trigger forces and the carefully positioned centre of gravity when the gun is used with high-pressure hoses help to prevent operator fatigue. Other useful features include a compact material supply system made from stainless steel with an integrated paint strainer, a replaceable nozzle head and easy cleaning.

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