Smart reduction of coating costs

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By selecting the optimum workpiece carrier system for the respective coating process, powder coating companies can tap into considerable rationalisation potential. The latest addition to the HangOn Quick suspension systems HQL and HQS already launched on the market is now the HangOn Quick-Center-System (HQC). This allows the coating process to be considerably accelerated. The system can accommodate up to 86 workpieces per conveyor metre - compared to 14.8 workpieces in one process with standard hooks. HQC levels can be exchanged easily and without problems. This makes handling up to 30 times faster than with single hooks. Smallest hanging marks and perfect surfaces are further advantages of the workpiece carrier system. In addition, it is also well suited for a conveyor run with inclines. In this way, system costs in particular, but also energy and labour costs per workpiece, can be significantly reduced. Thanks to the sophisticated suspension technology, there is a savings potential of up to 48 percent in coating costs. 28 models of the suspension system are available from stock, but customer-specific solutions can also be implemented.

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