Silicone resin for water-based, heat-resistant coatings

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Colourful cookware is in vogue: pans and pots are increasingly not only functional tools, but also design objects. This gives the outer coating a double meaning: it has to look good and withstand a lot. Heat-resistant coatings for cookware are almost exclusively solvent-based. Evonik is now launching a silicone resin that was specially developed for water-based coatings. The new heat-resistant silicone resin Silikoftal HTW 3 is free of organic solvents and has a significantly reduced VOC content from production to application. The silicone resin is approved for food contact as part of the outer coating (FDA 175.300, BfR, GB 4806.10-2016). Due to the absence of critical ingredients, it is also free of labelling and HAPs. The silicone resin can be combined with numerous pigments and used wherever oven-curing coatings are used. These include, for example, toasters and other household appliances. The service temperature resistance is up to 200 °C.

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