Safe and ergonomic storage of hazardous materials

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The company Cemo offers hazardous material storage solutions for construction, agriculture, forestry and industry. There are strict storage regulations for hazardous materials, which sometimes require special and expensive storage rooms. A cost-saving alternative are sophisticated protective systems with collecting troughs, integrated fire protection, extraction of any vapours or surface protection systems that grow with the product. They can be set up inexpensively and flexibly in the existing warehouse and comply with the latest standards. Numerous essential small items such as paints or cleaning agents are considered hazardous goods today. They can be stored in bottles, cans, canisters, drums or storage racks in a space-saving and safe way. With collecting trays on the floor or in the individual shelving levels, damage in the event of an accident is kept to a minimum. 

For large containers such as drums or IBC containers, robust collecting trays with a sturdy grating are suitable. If hazardous substances have to be available in close proximity to the workplace, environmental and chemical protection or safety cabinets offer a very good solution. Depending on design and protection class, they allow ventilation to the outside, are lockable and provide protection against fire in FWF 30 or 90. Fire protection and safety room containers are a cost-effective and quickly available alternative for storing larger quantities of hazardous substances.

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