Robot system for energy-efficient ultrasonic deburring

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A highlight at the Weber Ultrasonics booth will be a robotic system for ultrasonic deburring. It was developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA, LPW Reinigungssysteme and Hemo as part of a project funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). In this solution, which is ready for series production, a rod or knife sonotrode is guided by a robot at a defined angle to the areas of the workpiece placed in the liquid bath to be deburred. This enables targeted, intensive cavitation which reliably removes burrs. For a long service life of the sonotrode, its process-related wear is continuously determined and compensated fully automatically by the program. The comparatively low connected load of four kilowatts ensures energy-efficient deburring without secondary burrs, for example with punched, aluminium and zinc die-cast parts as well as plastic injection-moulded components.

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