Powerful compact laser for manual cleaning

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Stream Line is the new "entry-level laser" from Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH (Cleanlaser) for flexible surface cleaning. The system is available in four power classes with up to 300 watts of laser power. The portable cleaning laser features a convenient, touch-based operating display (Clean Touch) with which the system can also be connected remotely via WiFi. Integrated signal lights visualize the operating status through a "glowing" handle. The system is operated and set directly on the processing optics via industry-compatible integrated haptic buttons and rotary controls. Thus, no separate operating device is required. The robust lightweight housing consists of an aluminum base with plastic cover. The powerful, high-brilliance beam source ensures high ablation efficiency and reliability. The compact laser is optionally available with FFC fiber coupler for beam homogenization and combination with fiber optic cables up to 20 m in length. Beam homogenization allows very sensitive surfaces such as tools and molds or aerospace components to be cleaned gently and without damage. This beam guidance system can be used for all performance classes. Areas of application are mainly in the field of pre- and post-treatment of weld seams, paint stripping, joining pre-treatment, cleaning and restoration.


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