PIMC now also in metallic look

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New formulations and raw materials make it possible: Frei Lacke has now expanded its portfolio in the field of Powder Inmould Coating (PIMC) and, according to its own information, is the only manufacturer to offer metallic shades for the process. This development was prompted by a customer request from the facade construction industry, which the coating experts successfully implemented in just three months. Plastics score with their low dead weight and extremely high dimensional stability. This makes them an all-round talent for countless applications and industries. This is also true of the Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) and the Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC): Here, sheet-like, dough-like compounds made of thermosetting reactive resins and glass fibres are pressed into their subsequent moulds. Powder coating can be integrated directly into the pressing process. For this, the powder coating is sprayed into the press mould and hardens in a few seconds; the SMC/BMC can be inserted and pressed immediately. During hot pressing, the powder coating then forms a chemical bond with the material that is scratch-resistant and highly resistant to chemicals, graffiti and UV radiation. Until now, only the standard RAL colours were available worldwide for this process. The researchers at Frei Lacke have now succeeded in expanding the spectrum to include three metallic shades - standard, pearlescent and silver - with more shades to follow soon.

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