Particle mask for more safety and comfort

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One of the features of the new Aura 9300+Gen3 particle mask from 3M is the 3M Cool Flow comfort valve. According to the manufacturer, it opens 37 percent easier than the second generation valve. This allows 36 percent more exhaled air to escape (Value is exemplary for FFP3). In addition, mounting aids facilitate hygienic opening, pre-forming and putting on of the mask. The noseband can be individually shaped to achieve a good fit around the nose and cheeks. The straps are made of textile material and are therefore comfortable to wear, hard-wearing and tear-resistant. In addition, the Advanced Electret Filter Medium (AEM) has less volume and weight than conventional filter media, since the high electrostatic charge of the AEM means that fewer fibres are required to efficiently trap particles. The open structure facilitates the passage of air, so that high particle filtration is combined with less stress on the mask wearer.

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