Painting portal for large-area parts

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The SLF Reco-Painter painting portal was developed to coat large-area cubic components, such as box bodies for trailers and containers with small undercuts, automatically, efficiently and with reproducibly high spray precision. It consists of a ceiling-guided longitudinal travel unit with two trolleys, each with a lifting column underneath. These are equipped on both sides with a vertical traversing unit and spray guns that allow an oscillation stroke over the entire height of the workpiece. Constant coating thicknesses are thus achieved automatically with a significant reduction in painting times of up to 70 % and a reduction in paint consumption due to a better application efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the painting portal is characterised by simple handling and easy-to-understand operation. This is due in particular to the automatic contour recognition of the components, which eliminates the usual time-consuming programming of the component geometry. The decentralised paint supply system that travels with the press leads to short set-up times in the event of a colour change.

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