OptiCenter® All-in-One OC11: Double your efficiency!

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OptiCenter All-in-One OC11 is the new powder management system with two OptiSpeeder powder hoppers (DualSpeeder), combined with latest OptiSpray All-in-One® pump technology, which combines advanced powder loading technology with second generation SIT dense phase powder delivery technology in one compact unit.

The DualSpeeder enables handling and preparation of two independent colors sequentially for ultra-fast color change in 60 seconds or in parallel for simultaneous coating from both OptiSpeeder hoppers. The OptiCenter uses MultiColor Switch technology, which provides the fastest switching between OptiSpeeder hoppers and the cleanest color change between alternating colors.

With the integration of electrostatics and powder conveying via the proven Gema OptiSpray pump technology in one compact unit, the new OptiSpray All-in-One pump is the first of its kind in the powder coating industry. This combination ensures seamless interaction between pneumatic and electrostatic functions, resulting in responsive powder delivery, instantaneous powder cloud control and the highest application efficiency.

Up to 36 OptiSpray All-in-One can be integrated directly in the OC11 in a very space-saving way, eliminating the need for the otherwise commercially available gun control cabinet, which saves space and provides ergonomic plant layouts that can be installed quickly.

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