Oil-free, dry compressing screw pump

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Screw pumps are currently state of the art in the field of industrial vacuum pumps. Varodry from Leybold is a new oil-free, dry-compressing screw pump. It is initially available in the sizes VD65 (65 m³/h) and VD100 (100 m³/h); the sizes VD160 and VD200 are in preparation. Due to the integrated silencer, the pump is characterised by a quiet and pleasant running noise. The variable arrangement of the inlet flange also allows flexible placement within the system. The screw pump can be operated continuously at any suction pressure and is resistant to repeated shock ventilation. The Varodry operates 100 percent oil-free, which is why there is no possibility of oil migration from the gear chamber to the pump chamber. It has grease-lubricated ball bearings and does not have a synchronisation gear. Drive and synchronization are effected via a toothed belt, which can be changed by the user in just a few minutes. In addition, the complete air cooling system simplifies integration into the respective system, as there is no need for a water supply. The pump has a moderate temperature profile, which also allows the pumping of temperature-sensitive media. www.leybold.com

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