Oil-free claw pump for robust applications

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Especially for harsh industrial processes, Leybold presents the uncomplicated, dry rough vacuum pump Clawvac. In addition to applications in food processing, packaging and environmental technology, it is also suitable for drying and sterilisation processes. The pump, which is offered in three pumping speed classes, is specially designed for continuous operation at any working pressure. In addition, the special pump design prevents oil from coming into contact with the pumped gases, enabling higher oxygen applications. Thanks to the self-supporting design, the vacuum generator is easily accessible. This makes it possible to clean the pump directly on site. The easy handling of the robust pump is also due to its operating principle: Inside there is a pair of claw rotors that rotate in the pump stator completely without contact or wear. With rotors made of stainless steel and a corrosion-resistant coated vacuum chamber, the pump proves itself even under harsh process conditions. The modular pump design also allows quick disassembly, opening and cleaning of key parts such as the pump chamber and silencer. With the exception of oil and lip seal replacement every 20,000 hours, no other regular maintenance is required. At the same time, Leybold also offers a new multiple pump system with the series. These systems are based on the Clawvac and offer a redundant plug-and-play solution.


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