Nitric acid free stain

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High-alloy nickel-chromium alloys are used in many industries, such as automotive, petrochemical, aerospace, power generation, electrical, chemical and household appliance. However, the common mixed acid-based pickling systems are problematic because of the nitric acid used. Another disadvantage is the nitrogen oxide (NOx) vapours produced, which also need to be treated in the context of air pollution control. Technical processes exist, but they involve significant investment in systems, process control and maintenance services. Bonderite C-CP from Henkel, with the latest nitric acid-free cleaning technology, offers a good alternative to the cost and environmental hurdles. Another plus point in terms of sustainability is the reduced sludge formation compared to the conventional process. In addition, the overall process costs are said to be the same or lower when using this fully automated technology compared to conventional processes. The pickle can be used in spray or immersion systems and is suitable for all austenite, ferrite, martensite, duplex or superduplex based stainless steel grades, including AISI/SAE 4XX grade chromium steel. With the products of the Bonderite C-CP family, Henkel meets the requirements of the metal industry for significantly more sustainable production processes.


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