New relubrication ensures optimum screw connection

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In order to prevent the corrosion of self-tapping screws, a Dörken MKS coating system consisting of a zinc flake basecoat and Delta-Lube 50 relubrication can now be used. The basecoat determines the corrosion properties and provides the cathodic corrosion protection, while the colourless relubrication provides the properties of the topcoat otherwise used: it additionally increases the corrosion protection and influences the coefficients of friction as well as the penetration torque. Test results show that the coating system meets high corrosion protection requirements. More than 3000 hours can be achieved without red rust in aluminium and more than 1000 hours in steel (salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227). If the screw is to be colour-coated, a topcoat must be used before the relubrication is applied.

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