New range of filters with a long service life

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Keller Lufttechnik has launched a new range of filters for dry scrubbers known as "Keller Long Run" or KLR filters, which have a long service life and help to save energy. The newly designed products have an enlarged filter surface that reduces pressure losses and lowers energy consumption by 5 percent compared with conventional filters of the same type. The filter frame has been streamlined to improve the flow of the raw gas. The wide side bars protect the filter from direct impact with particles that are often abrasive and, therefore, from excess wear. These and other design features help to ensure that the filters can operate for up to 20,000 hours and for up to 120,000 cleaning intervals in the first three years. The new filters are available in five different versions. If the filtered air is emitted into the atmosphere as clean gas from an exhaust air system, the standard version of the filter is generally sufficient. For return air systems, thermal applications and painting processes, the three filters from the KLR-bran range are ideal because of their high separation rate. These are fitted with an additional filter membrane and exceed the E11 filter class specified in EN 1822. The KLR-bran filters come in antistatic and PWIS-free versions. The new filter range replaces the previous Y and ProBran filters.

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