New air nozzles for special cases

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Krautzberger complements its Xline air nozzle family with the new XM series. It was designed for the new spray gun M 18, which expands the product range of automatic spray guns. The new nozzles are basically suitable for manual and automatic sprayers, but their particular advantages are particularly evident in the automatic sector. Further functional improvements have also been achieved. The centring of the material to the air nozzle is effected via two ball segments and is thus ensured. The improved separation of flat and round jet air also leads to higher nozzle efficiency. The standard version is made of anodized aluminum, which enables significant weight savings of up to 60 percent. The parts are also available in stainless steel for increased requirements, such as those in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The handling advantages include easy cleaning of the nozzle, the trapezoidal thread, which allows the nozzle to be set on and tightened in a single operation, and precise positioning and fixing of the air nozzle.

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